Meditation for Trust in God

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Without feeling the loving holding of the universe, we can have no basic trust. How can you really let go and let yourself be if there isn't trust that things are fundamentally okay, that whatever happens is appropriate? If we don't have this trust, we are constantly scared, tense and fighting reality - inner and outer. If we have this trust, we can interact with everything exactly as it is - Let it in, Let it out, Let it go, Let go of letting it go and Let it be. "~ Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms

All is just, all is right within this kind and loving universe. Breath in. I trust God. Breathe out. I release any fear or inhibition keeping me from reckless abandon to Gods perfect will of love and life. It is ok to feel uncomfortable, awkward, inconvenienced, pained, or difficulty even when I am aligned with God's perfect will. Suffering can be turned into sacrifice through joyful surrender to God. This is the path Jesus showed, and invites us to sojourn on. This is the path of ascension. This is the path I choose to walk. Lord show me the way. Open my heart, my navel, my throat,  my eyes and mind that your love, your spirit, your will, may flow through me freely. Deepen my roots and connection to thee. For the short while that I am here, may I be fearless in my joyful surrender to thee. I am willing and ready to abide by your love. I lay aside all to follow you. 

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