God is at Our Core

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I have continued, naturally, in studying and pondering on the true self within each person. I can feel and know that we are made of th same substance of the gods, the immortals and then we are offered an opportunity to associate with them, and our true selves as we uncover the veils and blocks between. God is at our core. Love. Peace. Bliss. Every attribute of God is already within. We choose if we will identify with that or with the false, egoic self. 

"Each moment, each instance, we have a choice of how to react or how to act. Being Spiritually Aware is about being conscious of that choice at each moment and how to be true to our deeper selves as much as possible. We all sometimes react badly, we will all at one time or another react from stress, frustration or upset. However, when we are aware of it, when we can sense it rising within us, we can remind ourselves to act from a place of love. Sometimes it is logical to be angry, sometimes frustration seems like the only path to take, yet when we chose to see through the eyes of love and do the most loving action we open our hearts and minds to different options and other doors always open up to let the sun shine in. (from Intentions for the Spiritually Aware Parent- coming soo

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