That is the Goal

Thursday, March 19, 2015

After tonight's positive birth group, which is always inspiring, I have been deep in thought with this concept. Women often say that they "lost it" after transition, that their peace and quietness was "lost" once they hit that deep, primal place. They usually say this in a negative way that they couldn't keep their "cool" together so they some how failed. Well no! The facilitator then said emphatically "THAT IS THE GOAL! THAT IS THE ACHIEVEMENT! ITS ALL ABOUT GETTING YOU TO A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN LET IT ALL GO!" When we get to that point is when things begin to shift and power residing within begins to roll forth. We begin to step into our true, primal seat of power. Amazing. At this point sometimes women groan, dance,  sway, sing, open, something inside is guiding and lifting them. 


She said, " when you fight the instincts, that is when you suffer." When the birthing woman resists these urges, or when fear masks and suffocates them then pain and suffering become experienced. 

I. Just. Love. This. This concept applies to everything. Everything in our lives is gracefully getting us to the point where we can let it all go when we can open and surrender. Then and only then can this bold, vibrant, primal, true self come forward. There is strength in surrender, strength in our seemingly brokenness. It take courage to release and witness this emerging goddess. We are strong and powerful, full of wonder and awe. Do not fear the breaking open, the stretching, the heat, the change, the discomfort of the emerging truth and beauty that we are. 

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  1. Your words are powerful and full of truth, especially the list paragraph. Beautiful. Thank you.