Meditation for present moment acceptance

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After attending a positive birth group where the group participated in a "Your Healing Place" meditation, I was deeply enlightened at a simple aspect of the guided meditation. The group was a large group of women, a few babies and some men. Instead of being inhibited by the lack of a quiet environment the teacher stated in the meditation "everyone you hear a baby noise, you will relax  10 times more." And it worked. With each external noise the mind was cued to relax farther. The noises were actually helping attain an inner healing place. This was life changing. Instead of trying to eliminate external chaos/disturbance so that we can have "inner peace" we can use the external chaos and disturbance to ascend to higher levels of blissful unity with God. So I wrote out a daily vision to read that would help me stop painful resistance to life, to allow life experiences to be just as they are, and to use those "disturbances" as the very tool to find the peace. So here it is...

"The various sensations and experiences of mortal life arise in and around me. These feelings and experiences allow me to deepen my inner knowing and connection to truth, to feel greater expansion and union with the universe, to prove that love is what I want most, and to connect with what and who I really am-a divine spiritual being within the paths of eternal progression. It is okay to feel what ever arises in the present moment. I feel many sensations deeply, but know that I am something much deeper and eternal. Feelings are fleeting, I am eternal. Whatever arises in my experience from moment to moment, I will open myself to love and truth, planting myself again into the loving universe.  Within every space, there is a place of softening. I allow myself to experience the depth and breadth of what is before me, knowing that these sensations and feelings flow, they do not last.  My power and purpose is found and realized in every moment, especially the apparently difficult ones. Each sensation and wave of experience from moment to moment provides the environment for me to ascend higher. "

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