Beauty in all of it

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sam's face was tear stained, snotty and tired. I had to wrestle and gently talk to him to get his pajamas on. He was done with today. Wanting to go to bed. I was doing my best to do so. As I watched those crying eyes turn in to still, sleeping ones I had a wave of emotion wash over me. Laying by his side, all he wanted was to snuggle by me. His little hands wrapped around my neck, clasped with some of my hair within his little fingers. His breath slowed and with each exhale hot breath flowed onto my cheek. In the craziness of daily life amidst the tantrums and trying to figure out what is for dinner, I find some of the sweetest and most rewarding moments. Here in this moment everything is right. Right as it should be. Even in the chaos. I find when I, as the mother, am reliant and close to jesus, it doesn't matter what crazy events happen to me or my kids, but everything is as it should be. I find such stillness and satisfaction in doing and experiencing the daily seemingly unimportant tasks. When I don't resist what is, but love myself and others through ALL, then there is an accompanying peace and deep satisfaction. It is my desire to be there, be present, and  be loving in every experience that crosses my earthly path through motherhood and discipleship. I want to feel, hear, experience the subtle whisperings of joy even when my 3 year old is having a bedtime meltdown. I want to be there, in a loving present awareness for each earthly experience I am given. It all is a gift. It truly is. 

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