Love is most important

Friday, June 20, 2014

I have been thinking a lot about what is most important to me. I feel like when it is clear before me what is most important then I can eliminate distraction and unnecessary things in my life. I want to be headed in the direction of my purpose and only focus on what I love and value. And guess what? LOVE  is most important. Scripturally we are told that without charity and love we are nothing. Those found without charity at the last day will not abide the day. Love is the sign of a true follower of Jesus Christ. God is love. When love becomes who I am, what I value, what I sacrifice for, then I am able to become godlike and secure for myself the blessings that love gives. I believe that love heals all things, that it overcomes all. Love is how I have experienced god. Love truly is what is most important. 
In Abraham 3 we learn that we are on earth to prove ourselves. Prove what? To prove what we want most. What I want most is love. To abide in its strength and energy. 
I have been asking/telling myself when life is frustrating or worrisome or whatever it may be I say "love is most important". It's more important to be loving than right. To be loving, not having things my way is most important. 
And you know what? Life has been so enjoyable. Love is most important. 

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