Praise and Worship

Friday, June 6, 2014

Praise and Worship
-elevating god and removing the self/selfish natural man. 
-at one ing with the divine
-remembering testimony of who god is and what he does so during crisis you know what who and how to have faith. 

Worship is the act of sacrifice. Sacrifice of the natural man/carnalmind/ ego/that which will die/that which leads to death pain and captivity and bondage. Sacrifice is removing identification/at one ment with these and connecting to the creator of all that is. It is a wonderful connection being made with the divine only. With laying thyself down and taking up the divine identity. With basking in gratitude praise for god. Worship is exalting god and abasing the self. This is surrender. No wonder worship is arms stretched wide. It is surrender and receiving the blessing of the creator. Being in the flow of divine power. All that we do may become worship/surrender. 

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