Decided on Love

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This afternoon during my meditation I renewed my focus on listening and obeying my inner voice. The light within all of us is from Christ. Christ says that he is the true light that is within all of us. This inner voice is always a voice of love. I, so far in my journey relate to God, understand God, and have experienced God as LOVE. The descriptions of Love in the scriptures are plentiful. Patient, kind, submissive, meek, humble, etc, etc.  all these qualities are strong and courageous. It takes more wisdom, more strength, more resolve to be loving than to be whatever the natural man desires in every moment, especially in defining moments. I have decided on love. I have decided on following than inner voice of love. It is a decision. In each moment I choose love, and in every circumstance the way that love is manifest is different, depending upon what the voice says. 

Sometimes love speaks, sometimes it holds the tongue. That inner voice of love has directed me through many different experiences, from daily and mundane, to overwhelmingly large and drastic. And I know that love never fails. If you choose to hold to Love, it will not fail you. It is an oasis amidst external turmoil. It is a solid foundation. It is a clear view of things, of people, of situations as they really are. It is God, both male and female. Their love is what gives life to all things. Love is the creative power that brings order and harmony to all. Love cannot fail, will not fail. When you become decided on love, you find an anchor, a compass, a map, a direction, a center and source of unshakeable peace and joy.
 I have given myself over to love, I have been won over by love. Each moment I breath I decide to continue to give myself over to love, to be own over by love. It is a continual path I have decided to choose. And it is oh so beautiful, messy, courageous, difficult and easy all at the same time. Love is what I seek, what I am,  and what I love. I am decided on love. 


  1. Kylie, Love is power. That is what I have realized. To empower one's self all we have to do is increase our love. Take out our stony heart. Love makes us courageous and secure and beautiful. Thanks for the reminders. I love you.

  2. It's funny, how life works out. I have had to enter my comment 3 times now, and each time it has been erased as I tried to publish. Maybe I needed to reaffirm this over and over again tonight.

    I was drawn to your blog tonight. It is even more beautiful the second time through! About two years ago, in answer to prayer I was shown the all encompassing power of love and prompted to "look for the love in all things" God IS love, both Mother and Father. God is eternal, through the light of Christ, in and through ALL things. In this simple realization, there is nothing to fear, only peace. I am grateful the gentle and powerful way you bring the truth to remembrance. Again, right now, with every breath, I choose Love. For that is who I am.