4 Year Anniversary Recap

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It has been 4 inspiring years married to my best friend. It is amazing how quickly time goes by. So here is a quick recap of where we've been and what we have acomplished.

Feb. 2010
Married for time and all eternity.

August 2010
Together attended Snow College where we lived 2 of our favorite years of our lives. Love the small town.

November 2010
Found out we were expecting! We had an instantaneous dance party we we found out.

I survived the pregnancy, through some amazing miracle. and....

Gave birth to a very tiny, piece of heaven.
Sam Power 07.01.2011
born 35 weeks after a long and transforming unmedicated birth
healthy, but small
and so precious

He didn't know about all this earth "stuff"

but quickly learned that its pretty good. 
 Sam forever imprinted love on our hearts. He made me a mother. Oh how sweet the memories. 
We were extremely blessed with our little Johnny cousins presence for 7 months before He returned back to heaven. We love little Johnny with a vengeance.

August 2011

Johnny deeply impacted the way I have and will always mother my children. Such a beautiful soul. Sam and Johnny were born 6 months apart. 

Sam grew bigger and bigger. And his adorableness and bold personality shone through. 

December 2012
We found out we were expecting our number 2 love. I were thrilled. Again, I survived a difficult pregnancy. We sacrificed so much for this little lady to make her appearance. And she was more than worth it. 

August 2012
The day before Eliza was born. 

Eliza Mae Power 
born 37 weeks, after a short and loving, unmedicated birth
brought with her a pervading peace and calm presence. 

She grew and so did our happiness. Sam and Eliza became little buddies. 

Zach and I have been there for each other through so many wonderful and difficult situations. Pictures, or any amount of writing could not document it. Marriage and family life has been absolutely trans-formative.

For our anniversary we had a 'Family Birthday Party' to celebrate the birth of our family. We watched our wedding video, all went to dinner, had a birthday cake cause our family is 4! and opened a family present. I am so grateful for Zach, and for our little family. 

 As always, more memories ahead, and more pictures to come! 


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