Enlightenment at Wendy's

Monday, May 26, 2014

Over the weekend we spent the weekend in St. George. On the drive down we stopped at a Wendy's, healthy right? I stood in line with the kids and my sister. An older couple began chatting with us. They were so friendly and happy. Traveling on their way from L.A. To Wyoming. After talking to them I had a wonderful enlightening moment. I felt a complete connection and oneness with the expanse of the universe. My heart was sooo full and connected. I looked around this little Wendy's restaurant at all the types, shapes, and ages of people and saw the sacredness of each soul. I closed my eyes and felt a golden connection to every soul within miles. It was incredible. I began to cry tears fill of hope. I wanted to tell everyone I saw that they are beautiful and their soul is on it's own sacred journey back to union with God. Their eternal progression was in progress. Words just can't describe my excitement and peace in this state. As I said before, my heart space felt like it had connected into the loving universe, it had no boundaries. 

This experience was spontaneous and a testament that nothing separates us from the love of Christ. His love and enlightenment are in and through and around all things. When we access that consciousness we are filled with experienced knowledge and association with the creator. It is all really miraculous. And exciting. There truly is nothing more satisfying or fun than growing in harmony with God. 

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